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Are you between 7 -29 years old? Would you like to join Pargas 4H?

Our motto is ”Learning by doing”

Head stands for decision making, planning, organizing, problem solving and knowledge.
Heart stands for strong personal values, positive self-concept and care for others, animals and nature.
Hands stands for learning to do practical things.
Health stands for a healthy body, both mentally and physically in a healthy environment.

We arrange
  • Clubs for kids in year 1-6 in four of our schools in Pargas and one in our youth center . (Kirjala, Skräbböle, Sunnanberg, Korpo and in Piug ) The kids are divided into different age groups. The clubs are held at the school and the kids learn something practical every time. For instance baking, cooking (inside and outside), handicraft, environment a.s.o
  • Courses for the younger ones: mostly baking, cooking and animal care.
  • Courses or 14+ we arrange courses in gardening, cleaning, dogsitter and other stuff that then could lead to small jobs in our small jobs agency
  • Small jobs agency  If you are 15+ and want to earn extra money.
  • Events/excursions  Every now and then we arrange an event or an excursion somewhere.
  • Camps Our camps are very popular, so if you would like to join . Be quick  to enroll straight after the enrollment date/time
  • International events/seminars/camps  Do you like to travel? Lots of fun travel via FS4H, often at a lesser cost and sometimes even free of charge.

Membership fee: 17.00€/person or 32.00€/family per year

 For each club we have a fee of 4€

The courses and events vary in price depending on how costly they are to arrange.

  Contact details:    Susanne Nyman  Phone: 044 259 1866  e-mail: